Morning Assembly

Before the commencement of regular class work, the Morning Assembly will be held in the school ground.

Morning Assembly

  • P.T.Drillo will be practiced for tem minutes.
  • Veda Mantras will be practiced for tem minutes.
  • School pledge is taken for a minutes.
  • Two students will speck no two different topic in English and Hindi.
  • News will be read.
  • The principal and teacher will elaborate the ideas expressed by the students.
  • A devotional prayer will be sung. The National Anthem will be sung.
  • The patriotic slogans will be raised.
  • The students will go to their classes to the accompaniment of the music of the school band.

The Assembly Aim at

Budding Artist

  • Physical toning up.
  • Lmbibing moral values in the students.
  • Reviving the eternal values of Indian Culture.
  • Preparing students to express themselves on the stage.
  • Inculcating good manners and hygienic habits.
  • Preparing a peaceful and calm atmosphere.
  • Set high standards for discipline.

Morning Assembly and Moral Education


The assembly in the morning begins with the chanting of Ved Mantras followed by devotional and patriotic song. Everyone takes the pledge to be a worthy citizen of the country. News from all corners of the world apprise the chilkdren of local and global events and happenings. Nobel thoughts and wise sayings of great soles are quoted and explained in the assembly to inspire the learners. Singing of "National Anthem and National Song" reminds the students every day of their commitment to the motherland.